Mind Mapping Software for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning holds so much promise for the future of your organization. But at the same time, it can be incredibly challenging:

  • Keeping your team engaged and focused can be challenging.
  • Getting buy-in from each team member isn’t always easy – especially if they think their ideas are getting lost in a disorganized planning process
  • The typical strategic planning meeting generates a mountain of notes and ideas, which end up trapped on flip chart sheets and whiteboards
  • Sharing the outcomes of each step in the process can be very time-consuming (someone has to transcribe, organize and distribute those notes and ideas!)
  • You need to be able to convert all of your thinking and planning into productive action – complete with priorities, task and resource assignments, milestones and timetables

Mind mapping software is uniquely designed to handle all of these challenges and more. It’s the perfect tool for strategic planning.

The Mind Mapping Software for Strategic Planning e-course is for you if…

...You’ve been looking for a better way to manage your planning sessions

...You're tired of the limitations of whiteboards and flip charts for information capture

...You need a better way to capture, build upon and take action on the information and ideas generated by you and your team

This program will help you to:

  • Streamline your preparation for your next strategic planning session,
  • Help you keep discussions on track and team members engaged,
  • Make it easy to capture, organize, distill and share your notes - quickly and easily
  • Make a big impact on your bosses and your company's future direction.

Your Instructor

Chuck Frey
Chuck Frey

Chuck Frey is the author and publisher of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, the world's most trusted source for news, reviews, research, advice and learning about mind mapping software and all forms of visual thinking. During the last decade, he has become known as the world's leading authority on business applications of mind mapping software. He also writes extensively about creativity tools and techniques on his personal blog, ChuckFrey.com.

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